Sviatoslav Richter

06/08/85 - La Roque d’Antheron - Live - (PT)


HAYDN: Sonata No.11 in B–flat, Hob.XVI:2



Variations for Piano, Op.27



Piano Sonata No.2 in g



PROKOFIEV: Piano Sonata No.6 in A, Op.82

Рихтер последний раз исполнил эту Сонату на фестивале



Prelude No.6, Op.34

Prelude No.12, Op.34

Prelude No.23, Op.34]



14/08/67 Dubrovnik. Дубровник. Атриум княжеского дворца. Дубровницкие летние игры.

BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonata No.17 in d, Op.31/2.



Impromptu No.3 in G, D.899, Op.90, Op.90

Impromptu No.4 in A–flat, D.899, Op.90


Fantasia in C "Wanderer", D.760, Op.15


Sviatoslav Richter plays BEETHOVEN

Concerto No.3 for Piano and Orchestra in c, Op.37

02/11/74 - Florence - Live - Maggio Musicale O./Muti - 3rd mvt encored - (PT)


Святослав Рихтер играет Чайковского, Рахманинова, Хиндемита, Шостаковича. Концерты 1966, 1978, 1983-х годов. Неизданные записи.


04/08/83 – Budapest


06/05/78 – Moscow


31/03/66 - Moscow



 23/1/80 – Moscow



16/1/91 – Padua


23/7/82 Guebwiller



27/11/79 Salzburg – SCHUBERT: Piano Sonata No.15 in C, D.840



7/9/93 Bonn



1/9/93 - Haseldorf




3/7/83 – Tours

FRANK. Piano Trio No.1 in f-sharp, Op.1. Kagan&Gutman - (PT)

FRANK_Quintet in f.flac
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Ravel Trio encore.flac
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5/8/82 – Antibes

DVORAK: Piano Quintet in A, Op.5


DVORAK: Piano Quintet in A, Op.81



20/9/80 – Warsaw

Sviatoslav Richter plays 12 selected Scriabin’s Etudes



Etude in c–sharp, Op.2/1

Etude in E, Op.8/5

Etudes in f–sharp, Op.42/2, in F–sharp, Op.42/3  I, in F–sharp, Op.42/4  I

Etude in c–sharp, Op.42/5, in D–flat, Op.42/6, in D–flat, Op.42/6   

Etude in b–flat, Op.8/11

Etude in E–flat, Op.42/8  I


Etudes in B–flat, Op.65/1, in C–sharp, Op.65/2, in G, Op.65/3


Bagatelle in C, Op.33/5

Bagatelle in F, Op.33/3

Bagatelle in C, Op.119/7

Bagatelle in a, Op.119/9

Bagatelle in G, Op.126/1

Bagatelle in b, Op.126/4

Bagatelle in E–flat, Op.126/6

Bagatelle in C, Op.119/2


16/11/58 – Kiev (daytime).


Piano Sonata No.1 in C, Op.1


Piano Sonata No.2 in f–sharp, Op.2


Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Op.35

Book I


16/03/86 – Загреб. Koncertna Dvorana “Vatposlav Lisinski” - (PT).


Svitoslav Richter plays

GRIEG Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in a, Op.16

02/04/64 – Kiev – Live – State S.O. of Ukrain.


Conductor – Stephen Turchak


Sviatoslav Richter



Toccata in C, Op.7


05/06/1951 – Moscow, Great Conservatoire Hall – Live – (PT)


PROKOFIEV - Vision Fugitive, Op.22/20 – Lente irrealmente (encore) 


12/02/81 – Tokyo – Live – (PT)



English Suite No.3 in g, BWV 808 


24/04/91 – Москва. Большой зал детской музыкальной школы №3 (“Лира”). «Памяти Ираиды Тимофеевны Бобровской – вдохновенного организатора, неповторимой личности и дорогого мне человека.»

Andrew Clements

The Guardian, 7/11/2012


This is an invaluable record of an exceptional recital Sviatoslav Richter gave at the Royal Festival Hall in London in June 1975. I doubt that any of us who were lucky enough to be there will ever forget the experience. After 37 years, this CD, taken from the BBC's recording of the concert, conveys the electricity of the occasion and the power of Richter's playing more vividly than anyone might have dared hope.


Richter's musical presence and the sharply focused energy of his playing course through every bar of the all-Beethoven programme. The two great sonatas that frame it may date from opposite ends of Beethoven's composing life, but Richter's account of the C major Op 2 No 3 seems to contain within it the germ of what developed 24 years later into the unparalleled scope of the Hammerklavier Sonata, Op 106, though the titanic scale of the playing is always balanced against moments of svelte beauty and breathtaking technical crispness.

After three of the Bagatelles from Op 126, each one pushed to the expressive limits of what its small frame can contain, Richter launches into the Hammerklavier – the first chord, I remember, was played almost before he was settled on the piano stool – and the tension of the first movement is remorselessly ratcheted up. After it, the scherzo is an almost throwaway relaxation and the slow movement a gorgeously expansive hymn. The finale when it arrives, fugue and all, is simply immense in its grasp of the musical complexity – every voice in the fugue is brilliantly characterised, the shape of the whole thrillingly conveyed.


Extraordinarily, Richter's encore in the recital was a repeat of that finale, presumably because he felt one passage in it had been muddled the first time around. The disc doesn't have space for the encore, and the whole sonata is, I'm pretty sure, presented here just as it was at the Festival Hall. If any single disc is going convince sceptics of why so many of us regard Richter as the greatest pianist of the second half of the 20th century, then it's this extraordinary 80 minutes of music-making.


Concerto No.1 for Piano and Orchestra in b–flat, Op.23

04/03/54 – Budapest – Live – Magyar Radio Television O./Komor – (PT)


(29/04/1972 – 06/10/1941)

Valse “Old Vien” - 2nd mvt



 Sviatoslav Richter (piano)
  01/01/88 - Moscow - Live - (PT)



31/    07/93 – Tarusa – Live – Pisarenko – (PT) 


From Reminiscences of Mountains and Fjords, Prologue, Op.44/1 (Из цикла «Воспоминания о горах и фьордах», Пролог);

I Love Thee, Op.5/3 (Люблю тебя);

Hearing a Song, Op.39/6 (Слышу ли песни звуки);

The Mountain Thrall, Op.32 (В плену гор, баллада);

The Way of the World, Op.48/3 (В вечерний час);

From Monte Pincio; Op.39/1 (Монте Пинчио);

The Time of Roses, Op.48/5 (Время роз);

A Dream, Op.48/6 (Сон);


To the Motherland, Op.58/2 (К отчизне);

The Princess, EG 133 (Принцесса);

Say What You Will, Op.21/4 (За добрый совет);

I Walked One Balmy Summer Eve, Op.26/2 (Летний вечер);

You Whispered That You Loved Me, Op.26/3 (Ты шептала. Тщеславная ?);

The Goal, Op.33/12 (Моя цель);

Last Spring, Op.33/2 (Весна);

Eros, Op.70/1 (Эрос);


[With a Waterlily, Op.25/4 (С водяной лилией);


A swan, Op.25/2 (Лебедь)]


Рихтер в Японии.

Возможно, весна 1984 г.

I was trying to attend all Richter's concerts at that time, He was one of the greats. It was very exciting. To me he was god-like. Whatever he was playing, I accepted it. I didn't care whether his interpretations satisfied some conventional ideas or not. Actually, the less they were so, the more interesting they sounded to me. Then I saw it more distinctly  how freedom of artistic expression could create work of genious in itself, unrelated to some long established boring  traditional practices. Listening to Richter  was like watching Mont Blanc emerging from the clouds in the sky. Then, after Richter would finish playing, the clouds would seal the view up again, and we saw only some hillls around.

Sviatoslav Richter plays LISZT Etudes d'execution transcendante:

27/06/57 – Kiev

Etudes d'execution transcendante:

No.1 – Preludio, No.2 - in a,


No.3 – Paysage,
No.5 - Feux follets in B-flat.

Предлагаю послушать уникальную запись, сделанную Олегом Каганом в Чите и любезно подаренную мне. Перед выступлением Рихтер дает наставления ведущей концерта и немного беседует с Олегом.

CHOPIN Ballade No.1 in g, Op.23  


12/09/86 – Tchita (Siberia).


Etudes Op.10:

No.6 in e–flat, No.10 in A–flat, Op.10, No.11 in E–flat, Op.10, No.12 in c, Op.10.

Etudes Op.25:

No.5 in e, Op.25, No.6 in g–sharp, Op.25, No.7 in c–sharp, Op.25, No.8 in D–flat, Op.25, No.11 in a, Op.25

[Etude No.12 in c, Op.25]


12/09/86 – Tchita (Siberia).


Чита. Читинский областной драматический театр.

Sviatoslav Richter



Concerto No.5 for Piano and Orchestra in G, Op.55


27/09/58 – Warsaw – Live – Warsaw P.O./Witold Rowicki– excerpt


Nina Dorliac and Sviatoslav Richter.


Franz Schubert. Die Krahe (Ворон)


song for voice & piano (Winterreise), D. 911/5 (Op. 89/5)

("Am Brunnen vor dem Tore")


Личная премьера Рихтера:


Prelude, Choral and Fugue 



28/01/1946 – Москва, клуб Союза советских писателей




Concerto No.14 for Piano and Orchestra in E-flat, K.449


27/5/73 - Moscow - Live - Moscow Ch.O./Barshai - (PT)


BEETHOVEN. Concerto no. 3 in c, Op.37

27/05/73 - Moscow - Live - Moscow Ch.O./Rudolf Barshai.

Grand Conservatoire Hall




Sviatoslav Richter


Concerto No.2 for Piano and Orchestra in g, Op.22 (the first performance)


19/05/93 – Vienna – Live – Vienna S.O./Oleg Caetani – (PT)


Sviatoslav Richter




Fantasia in C, Op.17


Fantasiestuck – Aufschwung, Op.12/2 (encore)


22/06/80 – Nohant – Live – (PT)


poor sound


Sviatoslav Richter plays


Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in a, Op.54

17/12/74 – Minsk – Live – Minsk O./Vl.Moshenski – (PT)

Poor sound



Запись адресована тем, кто, несмотря на аппаратное несовершенство, способен услышать шедевр. 

Sviatoslav Richter plays


Concerto No.1 for Piano and Orchestra in b–flat, Op.23

Leningrad – L.P.O./Mravinsky


mvt 1


mvts 2-3


Святослав Рихтер.

«Музыкальные дома», часть 1. Передача канала "Культура".


Рассказывают Людмила Кренкель, Элла Селькина, Валентин Берлинский, Эльвира Орлова, Милица Нейгауз, Алина Логинова.


Автор и режиссер Елена Шапчиц.


Святослав Рихтер.

«Музыкальные дома», часть 2. Передача канала "Культура".


Рассказывают Валентин Берлинский, Милица Нейгауз.


Автор и режиссер Елена Шапчиц.



Sviatoslav Richter


Piano Piece in e–flat, Intermezzo, Op.118/6



15/04/65 – New York – Carnegie Hall


Sviatoslav Richter plays CHOPIN Polonaise in c, Op 40 no 2



14/01/52 - Moscow, Grand Conservatoire Hall - PT recording


Великие Пианисты Гилельс и Рихтер.


Автор передачи - Валентин Григорьевич Тернявский.


Интересный рассказ Владимира Емельяновича Захарова, бывшего директрора Большого зала Московской консерватории, о великих музыкантах, выступавших в БЗК (А.Рубинштейн, Э.Гилельс, С.Рихтер, О.Каган, В.Софроницкий, Д.Ойстрах, М.Ростропович, М.Юдина). К сожалению, фрагмент.

Домашняя репетиция Рихтера

Private rehearsals at home 1957

1 Liszt: Scherzo and March

2 Liszt: Polonaise No. 2 in E

3 Schubert: Sonata No. 13 in A, D. 664, Op. 120 [3rdmovement]

4 Schubert: Sonata No. 14 in a minor, D. 784, Op. 143 [3rd movement]


With Nina Dorliac:

5 Bach: Weichet nur betrubte Schatten, BWV 202

6. Bach: Drum sucht auch Amor sein Vergnugen, BWV 202

7. Bach: Phobeus eilt mit schnellen Pherden, BWV 202


Житомир, март 2016. Конференция, посвященная 101-й годовщине Святослава Рихтера. Бруно Монсенжон в школе им.Рихтера.

04/11/92 – Гамбург. Hamburg. Musikhalle.


Polonaise in c–sharp, Op.26/1

Polonaise in A, Op.40/1

Polonaise in c, Op.40/2

Polonaise – Fantasy in A–flat, Op.61



Fantasy in b, Op.28

Poeme–Nocturne, Op.61

Dance "Guirlandes", Op.73/1   

Dance "Flammes sombres", Op.73/2 

Poeme – "Vers la flamme", Op.72


[Piano Piece "Ironies", Op.56/2


Prelude No.1, Op.74]


Будапешт, Большой зал Академии им.Листа. Святослав Рихтер и оркестр Радио и Телевидения, дирижер Вильмош Комор, 4-е марта 1954 г.

П.И.Чайковский. Концерт №1 для ф-но с оркестром си-бемоль минор, соч.23